How To Add 6, Even 7 Figures to Your Business and Smash the Glass Ceiling That's Holding You Back

Become a business leader that gets what they want without asking and that increases revenue, connection and productivity

In this Intensive Conscious Leadership Coaching & Personal Branding You Will ...

  • Expand your self awareness & consciousness
  • Discover and live free to your higher vision, purpose and unique identity
  • Develop your intuitive powers for better decision making & results
  • Follow your heart to true career passion and fulfillment & get generously rewarded for it
  • Get empowered to BE READY to navigate the current chaos and to build a new and better world

NOW is the time to GET EMPOWERED & TAKE BACK CONTROL by raising your consciousness.

CORE Course Elements

1. BSI Method Online Program (Normally $797)

Lifetime access to a 6 stage program of insightful videos that will empower you to discover & live your true higher vision, purpose & unique identity.

2. 6 X 1 Hour Live Group Sessions with Glen (Normally $2,100) 

Live weekly coaching on each specific program stage including Q&A. Recording of sessions provided.


BONUS Course Elements

1. Performance Optimization Online Program (Normally $97)

Lifetime access to a unique 6 stage online video program designed to 10X your productivity and results in every facet of your life.

2. Rainmaker Secrets Online Program (Normally $47)

Lifetime access to a 4 stage dynamic online video program to shift you out of scarcity and into prosperity consciousness through the mastery of energy.

3. 3 X Tailored Guided Meditations (Normally $67)

Download 3 powerful guided meditations created by Glen that deeply integrates your true higher self and accelerates success flow.



Your Investment


YOU KEEP $2,611

There is ONLY ONE CERTAINTY in this world, and that is the understanding of your True Higher Self, Purpose and Potential. 

When you get clarity and focus on that you become UNSTOPPABLE. 

19 September LA: 4.00pm & New York: 7.00pm.
20 September Sydney: 9.00am.
(And if the time zone doesn't suit, you won’t miss a thing as each session will be recorded and made available to you.)

You will not find another Conscious Leadership Intensive like this anywhere.

What Glen's Clients Are Experiencing ...

Anne Terry, Divisional Director, Macquarie Bank

Rob Kropp, CEO, Pravar Group

Jacqueline Cripps, Author, Speaker, Mentor

Willi Frederich, CFO, Aldi Supermarkets

Avanti Singh, Psychologist

Kate Engler, CEO, Publicity Princess

More of What Glen's Clients Are Enjoying ...

Derick Borean, CEO, Altius Group

“Glen's method is a brilliant blend of science, research, experience and emotion that has provided me clarity of purpose. He is a master educator and guides the process to achieve results that are remarkable." 

Pauline Nguyen, Award Winning Author & Speaker, Australian Business Woman of the Year

“I am a raving fan of Glen Campbell. He has helped me create my own personal brand, unleashing unlimited potential in my personal and business life. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Edward Fong, MD Ubisoft, Aust/NZ

“Glen's unique approach had a very positive effect on me and a huge effect on my business … so much so that I placed my entire company through his Programs.”

Stella Petrou Concha, CEO, REO Group

“Glen has helped me create my vision and purpose in business and life in a way that changed everything in unexpected ways. Since then I put my entire team through his performance enhancing programs.”

Simon Want, CEO, Enrich Group

“Glen is one of the most gifted and talented leadership, branding and marketing strategists I have ever met. I absolutely recommend him and his methods to anyone that believes they should, and could be and do more.”

Olivia Corrado, CEO, BPW Transpec

“Glen's unique approach to leadership and brand development has helped me and my business achieve the sort of clarity, focus and market leading results envisaged. Thank you!!!”

Matthew Lazarus-Hall, CEO, Uncommon Cord

“Working with Glen has allowed such a dynamic recalibration of myself and my business and enabled my best self to be at the forefront of achieving my ultimate goals.”

Kobi Simmit CEO, Best Practice Certification

“Glen has the cheat sheet for life with his unique methods. Embrace this amazing, uplifting, exciting experience as he shows you the actual map to the ‘path of least resistance’ to growth and success."

Kristian Dibble, Chief Investment Officer, Sapient Capital 

“Before undergoing work with Glen I had no clear direction and often ended up being a collage of other people's thoughts. Now I have any own unique purpose and have forged my own path in business and life success.”

Sandra Wood, MD, Great Managers

“Glen Campbell is the Master when it comes to Leadership and Personal & Organizational Branding. The experience of working with him was a life changer in personal and business growth.”

Ian Ugarte, CEO, Small is the New Big

“I can categorically say the increase in revenue, productivity and connection in our business was a direct result of Glen's method.”

Vanessa Stoykov, CEO, Evolution Media Group

“It's an incredible discovery of your purpose in business, and life. A defining moment for me to get clarity around my strategy ... overall a ground breaking experience that has led to significantly bigger and better things.”