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Stunning Expertunity Research Reveals You Have Been Horribly Misled!

87% of all people are unhappy in their job and life 

... and they're actively looking to change, but have NO IDEA what's right for them. So they're STUCK!

This dire situation won't improve until life's two most important questions are answered - Who am I and why am I here? The expanded consciousness that comes with these answers will empower you to enjoy real meaning, fulfilment, joy and prosperity in your life. I can help you get those answers.


The confusion and dissatisfaction with not knowing how to get meaningful career and life growth and progression is causing a massive increase in STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION which Buck Consultants research found has risen from ...

58% > 86%

... in the 2 years prior to the pandemic. Imagine what these numbers look like with the current health and livelihood uncertainty.

As a leader, first of your own life, overcoming this is YOUR personal responsibility and MUST begin by getting real clarity and focus of your true higher self, your personal brand and your real life calling.

It is essential this happens before doing any other training, education or personal development work. NOW is the best time to start this career & life changing journey!

A glimpse into HOW TO 15X YOUR RESULTS

Collins & Porras in their renowned book 'Good to Great' found from extensive research into over 1200 companies dating back to 1926 that visionary companies outperformed all others on the stock exchange by a factor of 15. 

But for a company to be truly visionary, it must have a visionary leader.

Visionary leaders are self aware, and have an expanded consciousness because they have discovered their true higher 'why', their higher vision, core purpose, values and beliefs ... their true best self identity, or personal brand.

These are the new breed of benevolent 'light warriors' that are actively creating a new and better world for everyone that chooses freedom and sovereignty. 

So before you take any action with career or life change, it is absolutely essential you do this work first and foremost. This is what will provide absolute certainty in a world where the old and diminishing paradigms are collapsing.

The unrivalled BSI MethodTM and exclusive 1:1 coaching will best empower you to do this ... APPLY NOW >

what'S really HOLDING YOU BACK

We are all living by an internal operating system that is almost entirely shortsighted, complaint and reactive in nature. 

It has mostly been created through limiting programming based on things like people’s opinions, traditional education, religion, societal norms, business paradigms and accumulated suppressed negative emotional energy like resentment, guilt, grief and shame ...

… and also from an internal narrative (our constant thoughts) mostly driven by a society and corporations filled with useless 
rules, dogma, misinformation and deception.

That’s why until our outmoded thinking, emotions and beliefs, our limiting current story is replaced by a new 
and better story that is congruent with our true higher self, our higher potential and life calling then nothing will change.

Unfortunately, most people’s reality is a mirror of limiting beliefs, ego and dualistic thinking (right/wrong, good/bad) which keeps them imprisoned in uncertainty, insecurity and fear. 

Things like …

  • I feel like every day is the same, there's no real meaning or progression..
  • Time is slipping away and I need to change my career but am not sure how, or to what.
  • I can't shake the feeling that I'm not good enough to be truly successful.
  • I'm afraid people will find out I’m really an imposter.
  • I'm concerned that if I change career I'll get more of the same with a different package.
  • I’m always struggling to get ahead, to be truly free to make my own choices..
  • I'm working longer and harder, and instead of getting ahead I never see the one's I love.
  • No matter what I do, I'm never recognized or appreciated.
  • If I fail next time, it will affect my prospects forever. My CV will be my millstone.
  • It feels like everybody is competing like crazy animals for everthing, I'm tired of the conflict.

Until you first discover your true higher self, your Best Self Identity, this picture will NEVER change.

The great 'identity' theft

We don't come into this world with a celestial playbook showing the optimal pathway for a meaningful, fulfilling, joyful and prosperous life. 

Accordingly almost 90% of all people are completely misaligned with the immense power of their authentic higher self.

In fact, when it’s comes to real higher vision, purpose, identity and life calling we’ve all been tricked into believing ...

... it comes from external sources most of which are other people’s opinions about ‘who’ we should be, and ‘what’ we should do ...

... or from what gives us status, pays the most, appears most attractive or plays to our ego's desires of me, more and control.

That’s why most people are trapped in the limited perception of referring to themselves by false identities like … 

... “I’m a nutritionist, a lawyer, a hairdresser, a truckie, a psychologist or a childcare worker.” 

And many others mistakenly use personality traits, strengths, values, attributes or what they have achieved, meaning their CV, to define who they are and what they're capable of. 

And this is a GIGANTIC DECEPTION. Effectively it's IDENTITY THEFT!

What you ‘do’ and what you have ‘experienced’ is NOT  your true higher purpose. It is NOT your real identity!


Hundreds of millions of people every year spending billions are deceived into believing doing more education, training, assessments and personal development programs ...

... will provide clarity and focus, and increase their perceived value, and accordingly enhance their work and life opportunities.

But it DOESN'T! (Remember the 87%) This wasted investment into what constitutes accepted value rarely has a direct correlation with true higher life and career meaning, satisfaction, happiness or success.

Often it further entrenches people's confinement and takes them further down the rabbit hole, in the very thing they're desperately trying to escape. 

So, let’s examine some of the main things most people are doing and why it's taking them backwards.


Literally millions of people spend over $3B every year doing multiple choice personality and strengths finder assessments, psychological profiling and other spurious appraisals.

While an interesting conversation piece, these approaches only serve to classify people into someone else’s predetermined categorizations making it easier to slot them into a job and career prison that traps them, sometimes for life.

The fact is these false assessments don't empower people to shift from the ‘dead’ world of preprogrammed responses, to the ‘live’ world of the constant meaningful growth and progression. They keep them trapped playing to other people's agendas.

Being Compliant

We're all led to believe that to live a happy and fulfilled life we have to comply with traditional rules and systems.

And so, we allow ourselves to be defined by others, our job title, education, the organization we're in, the government, our achievements, the car we drive, the brands we buy, where we live and even by our star sign.

These are NOT who you are! You cannot be stereotyped, pigeonholed or typecast. You are unique, a holistic force ... a sovereign being. 

Only the elevation of self awareness and energetic vibration and expansion of your consciousness that will break you free from this prison.


While this is a wonderful practice, and has many profound benefits and accordingly why you should meditate often ...

… expecting it to reveal your true higher self and life calling and is completely unrealistic.

That is NOT the purpose of meditation.

In fact, several meditation masters have undertaken my BSI Method and 1:1 Coaching Program to move past the common labels and discover and powerfully articulate their true Source Self and unique way.  

Further Education

The ‘Top 10’ personal development courses listed for 2021 are entirely focused on enhancing basic functional skills and capabilities.

Effectively people are spending tens of billions on these every year hoping that being a better 'doer' will make them more valuable and better able to work and live with greater meaning and happiness. This is a grand illusion.

The exponential growth in artificial intelligence is already making these people redundant and dependent: victims of a system that is designed to control and deprive them.

This has been further exacerbated by a deluge of overnight experts promoting useless repackaged programs that at best have very little value, and at worst deceive and exploit good people. 

Trusting the System

Growing up we were all programmed to believe ... 

  • Authority figures have our best interests at heart and will come to our rescue when we need them
  • Complying with the rules and systems is what’s best/safest for us all and will improve our lives
  • Working longer/harder and conforming will ensure success.

Our history is littered with trust betrayed by broken promises, corruption and incompetency. Handing over the responsibility for our lives to anybody else is a form of compliant slavery.


Only when you first discover your ...
... and life calling will you accelerate meaningful and joyful growth and progression, and ensure real freedom.

That means doing any further personal development, education or training in an attempt to improve your prospects will NOT work.

Because unless it's coherent with your ‘true’ reason for being, unique identity and divine life story it will only serve to create more confusion, uncertainty and fear.

The Ideal Pathway to Discovering


Before we review my proven inner path work to conscious leadership, let's review just a little of the volumes of verified research has proven being 'higher self & purpose driven' is the only real way to meaningful growth, progression and prosperity.

A massive peer reviewed study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association undertaken by the University of Michigan with over 7000 people revealed that …

… “a deeply held vision & purpose created significant mental, emotional & physical benefits, and greater fulfilment and longevity."  

This study is just one in a growing mountain of irrefutable knowledge that 'going within' to discover one's unique higher ‘why and who' and then living in coherence with that is the key to living free, even in a world that appears to be bent on chaos and self destruction.

A big contributor to this body of work is the numerous research studies undertaken by renowned psychologist Dr Daniel Goleman.

He stated many times in his best selling books Emotional Intelligence, Focus and Primal Leadership that …

"Elevating your self-awareness and emotional intelligence or EQ will be a result of …

… knowing your true personal vision, core purpose and unique identity. This is the key to flourishing in work and life." APPLY NOW >

Is this enough to make discovering your true higher VISION, identity & LIFE CALLING your absolute No.1 priority?

Hello there, my name is Glen Campbell, and I didn’t know my true higher self either ...

... until I had an epiphany!

And that's what led me to creating The BSI Method and the Performance Optimization and Rainmaker Secrets online programs, coupled with my exclusive 1:1 personal coaching. 

Let me share my story ... looking back on my childhood I acknowledge I didn’t have a clue about the world, or my role in it.

Like many others I followed my friends from school to the best university I could get into and completed degrees in Commerce and Psychology.

Then I blinked and 20 years of 60-80 hour work weeks had passed in roles where I felt caged, complaint and exhausted and my health, relationships and life were all on a downward spiral.

And during that whole time, I often revisited the same question …

“Why am I killing myself for products people don't need, and organizations and people I don't like or believe in?”

But I didn’t change because the truth is I was either in denial, or fearful of failing and losing everything, or worse not being seen as successful and wealthy ... not being admired and respected.

But, in reality I was secretly desperate, and needed a way out …

... and that’s when I had my epiphany …

It happened one morning at about 3am, I woke up from yet another restless sleep with a voice in my head saying …

“Wake up! If you want to escape this prison, then you need to find the truth. You know how to do this. Just modify the proven method you use for organizations to discover authentic vision and identity and apply it to yourself.”

So let me explain this … for over 25 years I had been working with companies turning over from $5M to $40B at some of the world’s best strategic branding agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi & Leo Burnett.

My role was to lead my clients in the strategic development of their business, to turn operational businesses or commodity traders into 'real' brands that led categories and made significantly greater revenue. And before leaving the corporate world I had led 4 major companies as the CEO doing this.

So, back to 3am … after this 'divine inspiration’ I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I started working on a transformative 'method' that would reveal my true higher self, my PERSONAL TRUTH. my higher more expanded consciousness.

And that is called The Best Self Identity (BSI) Method.TM

Introducing ... THE 

‘BSI Method'

Soon after I put myself through my new method I immediately got real insights into my personal vision, purpose and values, my true higher identity ... my real reason for being. 

Effectively, I discovered what made my heart beat the strongest, and with this personal truth distinct changes happened fast.

I felt a wholeness and connectedness, a real calmness and sense of knowingness. For the first time I could really see! 

The first version of my BSI Method was over 15 years ago and since then I've helped literally thousands of people transform into their true higher identity and life calling.

And I'm doing this 'heart work' while enjoying the freedom of a seven figure income and working how, when and where I want. APPLY NOW >



No. 1


This program of streamed videos, exercises, tools and 1:1 personal coaching takes you on a magnificent journey of true higher self discovery and realization.

The unique method harmoniously fuses quantum physics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, spirituality and breakthrough leadership methods.

Once completed you will have your true higher life story defined and activated.

No. 2


The three guided meditations provided are designed to accelerate the integration of your true higher identity ...

... your new and better career and life story into your conscious and subconscious minds making it your new empowered reality.

Here I have incorporated the proven science of theta ‘binaural entrainment’ technology to ensure optimal integration and realization in the most enjoyable way possible.

No. 3

24/7 Online Support Group

All your questions will be answered in this group of like-minded people who are on the same journey of expanded consciousness and true higher self awakening.

And when you share your stories of enlightenment you will demonstrate you have shifted learning into wisdom through focused leadership and actions.

Glen will also be guiding and supporting you in this group.


Glen is now empowering leaders, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life through 1:1 coaching which is by application only. Apply now and rapidly become the the new breed of benevolent 'light warriors' that creates a new and better world in the high performance state of heart led conscious flow. Success flow!

No other program available in the world today that will most effectively shift you true higher career & life realization.

Kate Engler, CEO, Publicity Princess

Jacqueline Cripps, International Author/Speaker

Avanti Singh, Psychologist & Chopra Coach

is Not Really a Secret at All

Discovering and being congruent with your true higher identity and life calling ... empowering yourself to be the 'cause' and not the 'effect' (a victim) is not exactly a revolutionary idea. 

Neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy and spirituality have all confirmed beyond doubt ...

... that what you experience externally, your material reality, is a direct reflection of what’s happening internally …

… what you think, feel and most importantly … your beliefs.

And so, if you're experiencing chaos, suffering, struggle and health and financial challenges, then this is a reflection of who you are being that is NOT coherent with your true higher self.

If you were in alignment with your true identity and life calling you WOULD NOT be experiencing any of those things.

BUT ... changing yourself and what you experience can be a significant challenge unless you know how.

You see with everyone there’s an internal war going on between what their conscious mind is telling itself it is and wants, and what their subconscious mind is ‘programmed’ to deliver.

And the subconscious mind will win every single time … here’s why:

Neuroscience has proven that our conscious mind, while highly useful for reasoning, planning, setting goals and exercising willpower only controls between 2 and 4% of our perception and behavior.

Conversely our subconscious mind controls 96-98% of our perception and behavior …

… and that behavior is driven by our strongest beliefs and most profound neural connections, most of which were imprinted in our childhood from 0-7 years.

THAT'S WHY ... doing more education, personal development, affirmations, meditation and visualization WILL NOT overcome these challenges until ...

... you FIRST learn how to replace limiting beliefs and suppressed negative emotional energy , your old and untrue life story, with your real amazing higher life story. Your authentic Best Self Identity!


Anne Terry, Divisional MD, Macquarie Bank

The pure heart led pathway to meaningful expression, joy and sovereign freedom ...

… is through the unrivalled ‘BSI Method & Exclusive 1:1 Coaching with Glen. 

This unique program is designed to empower you to become the true leader of your career and life …

Yes, that's right! The inspiration of your own brilliant experiences.

You’ll be empowered to be in the flow of energetic connected harmony and conscious manifestation as your authentic higher self.

This is verified science (Quantum Physics), NOT spiritual woo woo.

"Only when you find out the REAL TRUTH about yourself will you be totally free. Only then you cannot be manipulated, coerced or controlled."

David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD.

imagine IF YOU were empowered to … ?

  • Know your true higher best self identity and life calling and pursue it with elegance, grace and charisma
  • Trust and confidently express your intuitive power and authentic higher self
  • Enjoy real connection and be respected and valued for who you really are and what you do
  • Feel whole, strong and independent, conquer all your fears and overcome any challenge all while being playfully optimistic
  • Forgive yourself and others and suspend all judgement, perception and expectation
  • Be your own inspiration and then lead others by example to do the same as their unique higher self.

"It was working through Glen's programs and insights that elevated me to new heights of self-awareness, leadership ability and an unwavering belief in fulfilling my own personal vision."

Dr Nic Lucas PhD. Neuroscientist

"Discovering your true and unique best self identity using Glen's unique method enabled me to be awake to, and attract whatever I want with greater ease. And then to help my family, team and clients to as well."

Stella Petrou Contra CEO, REO Recruitment

In Times of Chaos, You Need to Be Prepared

We are all facing unprecedented and dynamic change … everything we trusted and felt safe with is comprehensively collapsing.

Unless you take the responsibility to go within and equip yourself to overcome this external chaos, you WILL become a victim of it.

That’s why now more than ever you need to know and be true to your authentic identity and life calling … you’re one and only divine ‘why, who & what’.

"Glen's BSI Method is beautifully developed and a thoroughly enjoyable process. The end result culminating in a most amazing 'aha' moment of personal truth, understanding. and realization."

Kim Liddell, CEO, NDEA

more success stories

"I am a raving fan of Glen's programs. He has helped me to discover my true higher self of unleashing unlimited potential in my personal and business life. I absolutely recommend him.”

Pauline Nguyen, Businesswoman of the Year

"Glen has the cheat sheet for a successful and meaningful life. Embrace this amazing, uplifting, exciting experience where he takes you on the ‘pathway of least resistance’ to growth, success and prosperity.”

Kobe Simmit, CEO, Best Practice Solutions

Rob Kropp, CEO Pravar Group

Your Absolute 30-Day 100% Money Back GuaranteE

I am so confident that the BSI Method will deliver the results promised to get clarity and focus of your true higher self, and life story that after you complete ALL 6 online stages within 30 days of your membership subscription, if this is not the case I will happily refund your money in full. Review full T&C's


Who is Glen Campbell?

Well, I’ve pretty much worked hard and fought hard most of my life to achieve anything.

And while I’ve achieved a lot that I thought was important, that looks impressive on the outside, it’s been a constant and mostly meaningless struggle to get more accolades and stuff that doesn't really mean much.

Because that’s the way I was taught to do things … my specific programming.

My Father often recited this to me, “The only way to get to the top, to be wealthy is by doing the hard yards in the trenches every day.”

This became a powerful limiting belief it took me decades to identity and remove.

Continuing to play to that and other limiting beliefs the achievement of my first CEO role was in reality, way worse than the 20 years of struggle to get there.

But not knowing any better I moved through another three CEO roles over 10 years, trapsing all over the planet doing work for unsatisfied bosses, and clients before I found my personal truth, and my way out.

And I did that in a moment of complete awareness, by modifying a proven organizational brand method, and turning it into a personal brand method, what I call The Best Self Identity Method.

Since then, I’ve had the joy of personally coaching over 500 sensational people like business leaders, celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs and small business owners … mostly women, and made a great many lifelong friends in the process.

So, let me now share with you my true calling, what makes my heart beat the strongest, with you …‘I AM the light that awakens people to be remarkable by empowering them to be in heart led conscious flow’.

Why the Method is Unique?

First, every single person is precious and unique.

Helping people to awaken to be their true self and express their specific genius to make a powerful positive impact on humanity is my passion.

That’s why I don’t use ‘categorizing’ techniques like multiple choice questions, or fancy classifications to slot you into.

You cannot be stereotyped, pigeonholed or conveniently labelled. Nor should you accept that.

I will take you on an enlightening journey of self discovery and enable you to dig deep and find what is already there.

To remember who you were when you came into this world prior to being programmed with doubt and fear.

I am all about helping you to find and BE your true ‘I AM Consciousness’ … your one and only TRUTH.

No facsimile, nothing borrowed, no categorization, no pretences, no ego … just the real and extraordinary Soul Centred YOU!

How is it Delivered?

All new members are provided a login, and unique password to the member’s area. There they will have access to all programs purchased.

The BSI Method is streamed as 55 short videos on an easy to navigate Learning Management System.

Many video sessions are accompanied by simple Comprehension Questions that are designed to ensure key insights are understood before moving to the next session.

There are also Editable Files for Self Awareness and Best Self Identity Discovery exercise work.

This allows members to capture their personal insights, change them if required, and then download them as a PDF file once completed.


How Much Time Does It Take?

The entire BSI Method will take a little less than 5 hours viewing time. (Note: new insight videos are added from time to time.)

Ideally people should aim to focus on this work for 30 minutes a day, at least 4 days a week taking plenty of notes.

So, keeping to this schedule anyone can complete the BSI Method in a little over 2 weeks.

Recently the CEO of an IT company based in San Francisco completed the BSI Method in just 8 days and then contacted me to get access the Performance Optimization and Rainmaker Secrets Programs. She was, and still is on fire!

Will It Work for You?

Yes! If you consistently dedicate yourself to the learning, self discovery and activation experience, utilize the Support Group and Guided Meditations then you will get results.

Over 500 people have done this work before you and not one has requested their money back.

If you seek personalized coaching with me (Glen only) to ensure you achieve the best possible result, then PM me through the Support Group page. Keep in mind though I have very limited time available each week for personal coaching.