Personal Coaching Application

Leadership Coaching for Rapid Career & Life Success


IMPORTANT: Prior to starting the application carefully consider the following to ensure you are the right fit for this exclusive coaching with Glen ...

ARE YOU ... ?

>> open to both receive relevant and meaningful information, insights, wisdom and experiences, and to be vulnerable enough to openly share yours.

>> ready to collaborate, co-create and cooperate … to develop career & life plans and then go about executing them consistently with optimism and enthusiasm on time every time.

>> not willing to sacrifice one key area of your career or life to achieve success in another, or to complain or blame, but will take total responsibility for your own thinking, energy and actions.

>> ready to go for it ALL! To create clear and focused intentions, thinking and beliefs, and an elevated electromagnetic vibration of gratitude and harmony.

>> able and flexible to work effectively alone or in a group and to move fast and efficiently.

>> ok with failure, won't entertain any drama or glamour and see every circumstance as an opportunity to utilize your massive inherent talent for vastly better outcomes.

>> willing to be on time for every session, be immersed, and in-between each session make happen what’s agreed with dogged determination.

>> aware this is a significant investment (although it will be FAR less than staying where you are) and will totally commit to learning, applying and sharing in the joy of meaningful coherent growth and progression.

It shouldn't take any longer than 15-20 minutes to complete this questionnaire, and remember that is all about career & life transformation.